The “Famous” skyscraper, "Fili City" residential complex
The “Famous” skyscraper, “Fili City” residential complex

Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design Studio have designed apartments for the “Famous” skyscraper in the “Fili City” residential complex.

The design of the apartments reflects the spectacular, ultra-modern architecture of the “Famous” skyscraper. The strict geometry of the building is supported by symmetrical lines and laconic interior forms.

The style is expressed by a delicate balance between minimalism and delicate luxury, where each item carries not just an aesthetic, but also a functional load.

The colour scheme of the interior is neutral: delicate shades of grey dominate, creating a harmonious background to accent the objets d’art. The overall monochrome color palette is softened by textures of wood, metal and natural marble.

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