Since the beginning of this century we have been creating individually tailored world-class interiors. The portfolio of the Oleg Klodt Architectural Studio features dozens of projects we have completed for private homes and apartments, and interiors for hotels, restaurants and shops. The main driving force in the company is its founder – architect Oleg Klodt. The studio's style is eclectic, yet with ever-present noble and restrained approaches underlying the work. The synthesis of the unique experience and preferences of the directors preserves, in some ways, the laconic traditions of the company's style, yet in other ways foresees upcoming trends and introduces new textures into the classical approach. The firm's fine-detailed approach to work on every centimeter of space in new projects characterises its work, alongside creating elegant and functional bespoke furniture items especially for projects.

Oleg Klodt Oleg Klodt was born into an artistic family, which traces its origins back to Peter Karlovich Klodt, the sculptor of Imperial St Petersburg. It was unsurprising that Oleg, too, would follow a career connected with art. Oleg Klodt launched his architectural practice shortly after he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Oleg Klodt creates classic interiors, characterised by their elegance and chic, and fashioned with innate intelligence.

One of the characteristic traits which manifest themselves in his work is paying attention to the finest level of detail, and creating bespoke pieces of furniture and decor that were individually designed, down to the level of door-knobs and window handles. The delicacy of this approach lends an exclusivity and individuality to each of his interiors.

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ELLE DECORATION magazine awarded Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova as the best Product Designers 2019.

AD Best of Russia

AD magazine featured Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova in their ratings of best Russian architects and designers.

The International Design and Architecture Awards

Our furniture and lighting collection were shortlisted: the MEISSA chandelier, PICTOR II armchair and ALNILAM sofa.

FX International Interior Design Award

The lighting collection created by architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova, the MEISSA chandelier has been shortlisted in nomination the Best Lighting Product.

National Award Best Interior

The SPA complex in the country house Pokrovskoye-Rubtsovo won the BEST HOUSE Professional Design Award 2020, Spa Complex nomination. Oleg Klodt was named a winner of the prestigious Premium Living Design Award for the project of his own apartment.

Andrew Martin Designer of the Year

This is one of the most prestigious international awards, the "Oscar" of the interior design world. Projects by Oleg Klodt were selected by the jury, and published in the Andrew Martin Design Review (Vol 21).

The SBID International Design Awards

This award is presented by the British Design Society and we was successfully shortlisted into the Residential Design Over £1M category for the SBID International Design Awards 2017.

European Property Awards

Our studio has won an award in the category of Interior Design Private Residence.

Interia Awards

Russia’s most prominent award for interior design. Our project won in a category “Country house interior 300m.”


Mikhail, the owner of the house in Amsterdam

"We bought a truly unique house that belonged to the Dutch artist Gerard Scheperkötter from the foundation. There was a large workshop here. Oleg and Anna managed to transform a historical artist’s studio in a comfortable family home preserving the essential character of the house, with its unique atmosphere and soul. They created not just the interior design – they rebuilt the house, and completely changed the facade and the functionality of many rooms. The designers managed to preserve the originality of the house making it very comfortable for our lifestyle"

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Maria Litinetskaya, MR Group CEO

“Every MR Group project is unique, and this is why we approach choosing an architectural bureau with great care. It is very important to us to select not just an architect with a name and good reputation but to also find a soul mate of sorts, so that our outlook and approach to the task in hand would be a 100% match. We have now completed several projects with Oleg Klodt, and we are currently working on new ones. During the time of our working together I was pleasantly surprised by the creative approach and attention that the Oleg Klodt brings to every project. The bureau’s experienced team where every member carries out assigned tasks professionally and on time, helped our company complete world class residential complexes. The bureau creates architecture for the people which becomes part of the well thought out concept of the residential complex. High quality execution and exclusive design attract attention, helping us create unique projects on Russia’s developer market.”

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Tamara Popova, Head of product development and concept design at RBI Group

“Our company thoughtfully chose architects while working on the MIR clubhouse residential complex, that completes the ensemble of Konnaya Square by the historic Fyodorov Cathedral. We entrusted the design of lobby to Oleg Klodt’s Architectural Bureau. Oleg Klodt is one of the top 50 architects according to AD Russia. He is a descendant of a famous XIX century sculptor Peter Klodt. Preserving traditions and cultural heritage is at the core of his family values. We also considered the fact that the bureau has its own art team as our projects are always surrounded by art. The team created an harmonious interior, seamlessly integrating the art objects. As a result, even in the first stages of the project our clients could be shown the pieces that would later become the focal point of the residential complex. The MIR clubhouse was recognised as the best business class project among all others that commenced in St. Petersburg within the last year."

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Irina Matvienko, Marketing director, curator of sociocultural projects at Inteco JSC (until 2023)

“Our first project with Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau was the deluxe apartment complex “Ilyinka 3/8”. When choosing the best architectural bureau, we were not just looking for a professional team but also for creative people who would share our vision. To us as a client the attitude towards the project and the invaluable skill to turn ideas into reality was equally as important as the end quality of work. Working with Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau demonstrated to us that the team can take on the most unconventional tasks. “Ilyinka 3/8” is one of the most expensive and most successful projects. The complex received the real estate market award #UrbanAwards2022 in the nomination of best elite apartment complex in Moscow. All this success would never have been possible without Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau.”

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