Since the beginning of this century we have been creating individually tailored world-class interiors. The portfolio of the Oleg Klodt Architectural Studio features dozens of projects we have completed for private homes and apartments, and interiors for hotels, restaurants and shops. The main driving force in the company is the creative tandem of its founders – architect Oleg Klodt, and creative director, Anna Agapova. The studio's style is eclectic, yet with ever-present noble and restrained approaches underlying the work. The synthesis of the unique experience and preferences of the directors preserves, in some ways, the laconic traditions of the company's style, yet in other ways foresees upcoming trends and introduces new textures into the classical approach. The firm's fine-detailed approach to work on every centimeter of space in new projects characterises its work, alongside creating elegant and functional bespoke furniture items especially for projects.

Oleg Klodt Oleg Klodt was born into an artistic family, which traces its origins back to Peter Karlovich Klodt, the sculptor of Imperial St Petersburg. It was unsurprising that Oleg, too, would follow a career connected with art. Oleg Klodt launched his architectural practice shortly after he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Oleg Klodt creates classic interiors, characterised by their elegance and chic, and fashioned with innate intelligence.

One of the characteristic traits which manifest themselves in his work is paying attention to the finest level of detail, and creating bespoke pieces of furniture and decor that were individually designed, down to the level of door-knobs and window handles. The delicacy of this approach lends an exclusivity and individuality to each of his interiors.

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Anna Agapova Anna’s path to architectural design was extraordinary. Anna studied at the Faculty of Geography at Moscow State University and her thesis subject was “Urbanism and the connection between nature and the urban environment”. The skills gained at the Faculty of Geography came to be a huge advantage in her profession as a designer, helping to create unique interiors. All geographers around the globe learn to observe, to study and most of all to analyze.

However, having started working in the field of design lighting very soon Anna realized that she was cramped within the framework of one task. She decided not to limit herself to just lighting – and turned to interior design.

After working for several years in different companies, Anna Agapova came to the Erman & Klodt architectural bureau. The very first joint project with the co-founder of the bureau Oleg Klodt – an apartment on Borba Square – was published on the pages of leading interior design editions, becoming the launchpad for a new creative duo. Shortly after that Anna and Oleg became business partners and for more than 10 years Anna has been playing a key role in shaping the style of the Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design Bureau, holding the position of creative director. Anna has a gift: to see magic where others see only old walls or broken parquet. The innate intuition and visionary talent helps to “establish contact” with any space and fill it with a dream. “We find unique items and if we don’t find them, we create them. You cannot copy from project to project. Creativity is authorship. You create an interior for a client, taking into account his character, habits and lifestyle. Each interior is like a child: it is similar to its “parents”, but at the same time, has its own unique character. Children are never born the same”.

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