Shabolovsky Residential Complex
Shabolovsky Residential Complex

Shabolovsky” is a premium-class apartment complex in Danilovsky district. The architecture of the complex fits harmoniously into this established district of the city: the building has only eight floors, and the classically styled façade is designed with rare Jurassic marble. Oleg Klodt Architectural bureau was commissioned to design the interior of the public spaces for Shabolovsky Residential Complex.

The classic interior of the lobby in a modern interpretation echoes the architecture of the facades. The light colour palette of the interior is offset by the dark inserts on the walls and resonates with the design of the reception desk in the lobby. The client did not skimp on the interior design, which is rare for development projects. We used very expensive finishing materials: natural marble on the floor, steel in the lift, pylons and plat bands of natural stone in the interior of the lobby.

Many bespoke items, such as decorative panels, reception desk, cornices, etc., have been specially created for this project, emphasising the status of the building. Paintings on the walls, lighting and furniture from international brands create the feeling of a luxury hotel lobby, where you can meet with friends in comfort.

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