Maison Rouge
Maison Rouge

The club house Maison Ruge is located in historic center of Moscow.
The architecture is a project by the ADM bureau commissioned by the development companies MR Group and Hutton Development.

The modern interior, with a French character, was created by Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. Instead of the classic French style herringbone parquet, marble terrazzo appeared on the floor. We used stemalite panels as the main decorative device on the walls which are emphasized by semicircular platbands with a brass finish. There are no random elements in the project: furniture, art on the walls, decorations – everything is chosen with love, and without haste.

The status of a clubhouse supposes not only a highly aesthetic design, but also privacy. Therefore, the main task was to create a chamber space where residents and guests of the complex could comfortably spend time.

Functionally, the lobby is divided into two areas: the reception area and the lounge area, where you can find a place to read, print or drink coffee. There is also a library with a wonderful selection of books, a printer and an equipped coffee point. The O&A team managed to create a cozy, private atmosphere in a public space. A modern panoramic bio fireplace, designed from a sketch by Oleg Klodt, is integrated into the lobby.

According to the latest trends, interiors of modern homes have become pet friendly. We have provided a bathroom in the lobby which is equipped with a shower for dogs. This is a huge invaluable bonus for pet owners.

The interior of the Maison Ruge lobby is as full of individual objects as any project from our bureau. The reception, bookshelves, mailboxes, art pedestals, and decorative lighting were designed by Oleg Klodt.

Navigating this project needed close attention. Our life is digital and millennials spend at least four hours a day with their gadgets. We are constantly leaning over our screens, so in this project we decided to pay tribute to modern trends and placed the apartment numbers at the bottom of the door.

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