An apartment in St. Petersburg
An apartment in St. Petersburg

Oleg Klodt’s Architectural Bureau has created the interior for an apartment on Krestovskyi Island in St. Petersburgh. This was the very first private project in the Northern capital. The clients are a family with a teenage daughter living in Moscow but often visiting St. Petersburg, where mum is from. The family dreamed of staying not in hotels but in their own apartment designed with personal preferences in mind.

The work on the apartment was completed with ease and understanding because the clients have worked with the Bureau previously. The clients contacted Oleg Klodt at the stage of purchasing the apartment, fully trusting the architect’s opinion and experience. As a result, the chosen space was quite unusual, on the top floor of a newly built house featuring slanted ceilings and attic windows.

Due to its unusual layout the sitting room area is rather geometrically complex and is connected to the entrance hall through a wide portal. The modern minimalistic kitchen with light textured facades is not separated from the studio space but has become part of it thanks to a connecting element – a kitchen island, the base of which is made from rustic stone. Surprisingly, one of the most interesting elements in this flat is a long corridor with a suit of vault ceilings and expressive cornices above designer doors and a window opposite the entrance.

The architect divided the private zone containing the master bedroom, bathroom and nursery wardrobe, by building a central axis from the window giving the main vector to the entire project. Although the apartment is in a new building the designers have managed to create an interior with a history that gives the impression that many generations of the family have lived here. Wooden shutters on the windows and a real wood fire create an atmosphere of European neo-classicism, favoured by St. Petersburg interiors.

Grey-blue walls with gradient shading were used as a canvas for colour spots in the form of many paintings of which the clients have an extensive collection. The muted pallet brings out the uniqueness of the art objects in the interior of the sitting room. Among them is a hanging glass lampshade from Cameron Design House over the dining table, a bespoke kitchen cupboard made in the style of Imperial Russa of the XIX century, and a Boca do Lobo coffee table. In the bedroom a very special atmosphere is created by the textile wall coverings by a Dutch company, Vescom who use traditional manufacturing technique and contemporary design.

This family is quite fond of classic interiors. They value art and keep traditions. The project designers managed to fulfil all of the clients’ requirements, creating an interior that is outside of time.

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