A modern apartment in Moscow
A modern apartment in Moscow

At Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau we especially value the connection of generations both in interiors and in our relationship with our clients. Children and grandchildren of our first customers come to the bureau to this day. An adult daughter of one of our clients, for whom we completed two projects in the past, came to architect Oleg Klodt with a request to design an apartment in Moscow for her and her two daughters.

Our client spent a long time living in a country house and her children were growing up surrounded by interiors by Oleg Klodt. Trusting the taste and experience of the architect she asked us to create a modern European interior= where everything is convenient and functional for the life of a mum with two children.

One of the main advantages of this apartment is the abundance of panoramic windows which fill the space with natural light. The interior has many variations of green as its the client’s favourite colour and uses light-coloured natural wood and textiles. The apartment space is divided into three areas: communal area, private area and children’s area with two separate bedrooms and one shared bathroom for the girls. Mum was allocated her own space with the master bedroom, separate bathroom and walk in wardrobe which is not only space saving but also provides sound isolation.

The communal zone includes a spacious functional kitchen with dark facades, a dining room featuring a round Potocco dining table for the whole family, and a soft recreational area where the family can get together and watch favourite films or play board games. The working zone is separated from the sitting room by an expressive sculptured island which was made from designer drawings made especially for this project. Next to the entrance hall there is a guest bathroom which is joined to the laundry room.

The girls’ nurseries were designed considering their preferences and interests. One of the rooms sports a green palette with bright coloured accents. The second nursery is designed with warm peach tones and is full of delicate textures that give it a cosy cocoon feel. In each of the girls’ rooms the desks are bespoke and based on individual drawings. The bathroom has two sinks giving each of the girls’ personal space including individual bathroom shelves and cabinets.

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