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Signature Handle Collection by Oleg Klodt

There is no such thing as insignificant detail in interior design. The humble door handle is something much more than that. It is a bridge leading us from one room to the other. Our introduction to the space starts with a door handle, it’s shape, texture and feel. For those who love the art of architecture we have created designs that make the door handle one of the art objects within the interior.

Oleg Klodt’s architectural approach to the creation of this signature design and the unique experience of the Retroff production workshop allowed us to create the highest quality items that would complement both classic and contemporary interiors perfectly.

Oleg Klodt: “Fittings and hardware are one of the key elements of any interior both functionally and aesthetically. To design a door handle, one needs to consider the ergonomics of the human hand and the engineering element. The RETROVIUS collection is that very detail that not only meets all the criteria but alone sets the interior’s trend”.

The architect created six designs of door and window handles especially for the RETROFF design agency, calling his new collection RETROUVIUS.


The fusion of two materials, strong metal and fragile glass, in a simple and elegant shape. Fusion design was inspired by the architecture of Galeries Lafayette in Berlin designed by Jean Nouvel. The architect’s monumental and futuristic style was translated into the ergonomic form of the new collection.


Modern interpretation of the elements of neoclassical architecture are very on trend in interior design right now. Mertens House Shopping centre in St. Petersburg, designed by architect Marian Lalewicz became the point of reference for the creative reinvention of a classic door handle.


The Maze collection design was inspired by creations of architect Alejandro Aravena, his Campus San Joaquin, Pontifica Universidad Catolica in Chile. The emerged image is an ironic depiction of an urban labyrinth.


The complicated façade of the Santo Volto church in Turin, consisting of several vertical structures, was transformed into a modernist minimalism. This project by architect Mario Botta served as inspiration for the Modern collection which was based on the original shapes.


Singapore ArtScience Museum is one of its modern architectural symbols. Its innovative design was created with consideration of environmental standards and regulation. This architectural creation of architect Moshe Safdie resembles a lotus flower. The Museum structure is meant to symbolise the welcoming hand of Singapore. The metal frame and sections of glass translate the futuristic image of the building while adding contrast to the tactile sensation.


Benetton communication research centre in Treviso in Italy, stunning by its beauty and dimensions has inspired the Verita design. A Japanese architect, Tadao Ando, created this contemporary piece of art from a 17th century derelict villa. Clean and simple lines of the collection together with minimalistic design would go well with any interior.

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