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Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova present a new collection of light and furniture at PAD London

On October 11, Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova presented a new lighting collection at the PAD London, created in collaboration with the famous French brand Maison Poeunat.

PAD returns to London’s Berkeley Square for its 14th edition, presenting 62 galleries from 13 countries, back for the first time after a two-year hiatus from the location. Each piece od collectable design was selected by the PAD council and received a LIMITED EDITION certificate.

Avena Pendant & Avena Wall light

O&A London new lighting collection perfectly reflects the brand philosophy. We believe in harmonious co-existence between nature and humans. Combining the latest modern technologies with the ideas gathered from the basic laws of nature we create sustainable pieces that speak the voice of nature itself.

The gently curved and softly elongated shape of the AVENA PENDANT, reminiscent of the grass leaves holding translucent drops of morning dew, makes it a beautiful statement piece for a dining space.

Elegant, simple yet sophisticated AVENA WALL LIGHT delicately accentuates the space casting soft light on the wall. Beautiful combination of materials – brass metal “stem” and artisanal glass imitating the shape and texture of droplets – makes this lighting fixture look solid and fragile at the same time.

Horas table

The Horas table, designed by O&A London, sets the mood and theme of any space and unites it. The architectural design makes this table timeless and its combination of stone with metal underlines its functional aesthetic.


Artistic craftsmen in wrought iron since 1880, the POUENAT studios were established in Moulins, Allier. In the sixties, they expanded into interior design and decorative arrangement of metals.

Find more at O&A London.

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