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London Design Week 2020 Highlights

London Design Week is the world’s premier design event, with an enriched program showcasing new product launches. Our Creative Director Anna Agapova didn’t miss the chance to draw inspiration from Spring design trends. And, since not everyone was able to attend because of the current pandemic, we rounded up some details of new-season collections we instantly fell in love with! In our digital era, we crave to bring ‘real’ materials to our life. Texture and tactility are plying a leading role in new textile and wallcoverings collections. We want to surround us with the surfaces that bring us warmth and lovely memories.

1. Soft tropics trends

Harlequin presented the new Mirador collection. The collection consists of an irresistible range of draperies, upholstery, and wallpapers, influenced by the sunny panoramas of Ibizan hills. Eye-catching patterns are saturated with ethnic motifs. The full collection is the quintessence of texture and tactility, giving increased emotional value in our digital environment.

2. Second wind for archived collections

Every shade of green will grow in popularity and GP & J Baker knows it!

The company presented the SIGNATURE Wallpaper II collection. The striking colour palette ranges from verdant greens on grounds of antique pink, Chinese yellow, rich teals, and carmine and bronze to cooler delft blues and sophisticated neutrals. Most of the designs are created with antique oriental motifs with bold and dramatic geometrics that harmonise the colour and style to perfection.

In collaboration with designer Emma Sims Hilditch, they created  for LDW a delightful room set called The Curated Space. The colour scheme of the centrepiece used a vibrant palette of cobalt blue and emerald.  The headboard and curtains come in ‘Hydrangea Bird’ archive fabric. This design was painted in 1917 by William Turner. Inspired by a fragment of Chinese wallpaper dating from the late 18th century it depicts majestic pheasants in an exotic flowering tree.

3. Fauna motifs and extinct animals

Brands actively promote organic aesthetics which can be expressed in floral and fauna motifs. Arte, one of the most luxurious wallcovering brands, presented the new Tokyo Blue’ collection. The collection has been created as a strong and promising new collaboration with Moooi. The recently extinct Indigo Macaque becomes a prototype for five exquisite wallcoverings depicting versatile Japanese nature. The collection is a part of The Extinct Animal Wallcovering Collection that brings us to archives of the Extinct Animal Museum.

4. Super wide wallpaper

The legendary Andrew Martin brand launched the Scholar super wide wallpaper collection, recalling childhood explorations and adventures. The slogan of the new collection is “Create the perfect backdrop for daydreaming”. Ancient maps came back to life in “Constantinople” and “Latitude” designs, while ‘The Great Gatsby’ design offers you to re-read the most revered author, all from the comfort of your armchair.

5. New Nuetrals

Phillip Jeffries, a wallcovering family brand which turns homes and commercial spaces into the client’s dream presented a textured ‘Splash’ wallcovering collection. The collection comes in a variety of neutral sophisticated colours. It’s abstract patterns will become a centerpiece of any room.

6. Plasterwork & ethnical colour palette 

The new Porta Romana ‘Boheme’ collection is an embodiment of asymmetrical forms, an ethnic colour palette that combines intricate materials with modest and serene plasterwork. Boheme is a collaboration between the Porta Romana design team and three great talents in sculpture and pottery – Viola Lanari, Dylan Bowen, and Garren Devonald Smith. Sculptural Pip wall light , Selina table and Selina console, textured and unusual Baobab and Atticus lamps – these are just a few highlights of this magnificent collection. Each piece is original and eclectic, bringing an intense warm character into any modern interior.

7. Crystals are the new sexy

Designers turn to abstract and unique patterns of nature which can be found in abundance in minerals and crystals. Wired Designs offers impressive installations with a rich range of materials, such as different types of crystals and Murano glass. Among new products, we could not help but mention. Hatch ceiling light with an industrial sense, made of the incredible mix of acid blackened iron and crystal blocks. The massive and detailed Petra Bel Air chandelier, attracting attention due to its stunning design. Sculptural and elegant Principe ll

8. Soft geometry

To stress the link with nature, designers expertly work on shapes aiming to achieve a prototype. Often these items are inspired by cliffs, seaside boulders and rocks. For example, Frato presented the new Antwerp coffee-table. That is an elegant piece with an exquisite soft pebble shape, adding a sense of coziness to the space it inhabits. Marble and stone continue to be popular as they link us to nature.

9. Abstract art

The Julian Chichester brand’s products are extremely versatile and suitable for both classic and modern interiors. The new product launch contains splendid eclectic pieces one of which, the Phoenix cabinet, is influenced abstract art.

Trends are nothing else but a visible of if cultural and technological changes which affect our consumer preferences. Today we all experience the tremendous cultural shift. How will it affect the design industry and what products we will see the next year? We have something to think about… Keeping in touch

Text: Anna Agapova

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