Pet-friendly interiors

Pet-friendly interiors

When we talk about interior design we imagine expensive furniture, artwork and designer rugs. How practical is all this stuff for pets? A house aimed at pets has become a separate market niche, especially after the 2020 pandemic. Pinterest predicts that that interior design by the name of “Barkitecture” is going to become one of the main tendencies in the next few years.

Is your home pet friendly? If you are not sure about the answer to that question, you may find our tips useful:

1. Upholstery without fur.
Think carefully about the upholstery fabric you choose and how difficult it would be to remove fur from it.
Fabrics to avoid: those that attract pets’ fur such as velvet, mohair, corduroy, velure. Stay away from any delicate materials that can be damaged by your little or not so little friend.
Fabrics to go for: smooth tapestry, leather and synthetic fabrics. Invest in good quality textiles that will withstand the test of sharp little claws.

2. Furniture is not a toy
Wooden furniture will simply become a toy for a puppy or a kitten while they are teething.
Avoid: Furniture with open pleating as well as rattan and sisal
Go for: Metal and chrome will make your little furry friend look for another toy. To avoid damaging their teeth offer them a special teething toy that can be purchased from a pet shop.


3. Clean floor
During the first few months when your puppy or kitten is toilet training we strongly recommend flooring that is easy to clean.
Avoid: wooden floors that are easily scratched and need cleaning very quickly in case of any spillages (parquet floors discolour very quickly too). If you are not ready to part with natural wooden floors chose hard wood types, for example mahogany or oak. Rugs should be removed completely, at least temporarily.
Other options include laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles which will also provide cooling effect for your pet on hot days.

4. Play area
The most important requirement of a four-legged friend is having a space to play in.
Avoid: allowing your energetic friend to run around the entire house. Some areas of the house are less suitable for playing fetch, tug of war, jumping and running.
Go for: creating a special “play area” that is suitable for your pet to safely spend time playing, especially when you are not at home.

5. Kitchen for everyone
To be suitable for animals the interior must be safe.
Avoid: leaving bowls with food in a visible place.
Go for: arranging a special draw for food and water bowls.

6. Throne for a king or queen
A comfortable bed for the furry family member is an integral part of a pet friendly interior design.
Avoid: Mismatching the rest of the interior. Putting a traditional checked pet bed into a modern interior is not recommended. Pick a suitable design that will make your house more beautiful.
Go for: A pet bed made from high quality materials. Give your pet a gift of a stylish area for relaxing, resting and restoring energy after a hard day playing.

7. Clean paws
Imagine this: you have just had a lovely walk exploring the surrounding area and come back in wearing your wellington boots covered in mud and a puppy that is also covered in mud. The door opens and before you know it your dog is resting on the new luxury sofa.
Avoid: allowing this nightmare to happen in real life.
Go for: think about the entrance where you can wipe the dog down or wash it before it fully enters the house. Have pet wipes and other necessary things handy in the cupboard near the entrance in order to keep the place clean and tidy. Some modern lobbies have special paw washing machines, which allow one to clean the dog before they even go into the lift.

8. Window into the world
Every pet likes to look out of the window to see their owner returning home.
Avoid: thick fabric curtains – do not take the joy away from your pet!
Go for: Lightweight curtains made of transparent material that will allow your pet to enjoy the view. If you have vertical blinds make sure you have moved them up, so your fur baby doesn’t need to remove them by themselves.

A home with pets is always filled with joy and love. Your furry friend always loves you and waits for you. You must ensure their safety and carefully think out the interior. After all the home suitable for pets is more comfortable for humans. If the interior doesn’t work for pets it will not work for children either.

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