Offline: our studio...

Offline: our studio art installation

Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design art installation Combining art, design , architecture and theatre

We are so excited to share with you the images of our conceptual installation ‘OFFLINE’ created at the Best Interior Festival 2019. ⠀ Our studio was invited by the Union of Architects of Russia to participate in a project titled “Interiors as the theatre”. The art project explores the role of an architect in scenography. ⠀ The concept was about the boundaries of Love. Our interpretation was put in a contemporary hight tech world of context, on a bigger scale than just the gender relationships.

We created two zones – black and white. The white one symbolises emptiness with the projection of the iPhone screen with an open messenger chat – the modern way of interaction. ⠀ The black part is about good old days reality filled with emotions, paper books, love letters, history and literature. We see a scriptwriter or a film director getting inspiration from the real-life stories and transforming them to the masterpieces. And it gives us hope and aspirations for the future. The art installation was awarded by the Union of Architects of Russia as the best art project presented at the Festival.

Project team: Anna Agapova, Aleksandra Klodt, Oleg Klodt, Alla Yaskovets

Best Interior Festival The Union of Architect of Russia

Photo: Roman Pankratov

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