Art Collector’s Apartment

Art Collector’s Apartment

Step Inside an Art Collector's Apartment

This project became very special for Oleg Klodt Architectural studio as it was created around phenomenal collections of painting, vases and records of the client.

Vases by Emile Gallé, the master of art nouveau glass


Entrance Hall Decoration

We decorated the hall with paintings of Andre Lanskoy. His work is strongly associated with Tachisme, a French movement characterized by large, brightly coloured compositions created through the filling in of abstract linear forms.

The wooden artwork by french artist Benoît Averly. Benoît creates, in a refined spirit, art pieces in wood; with subtle contrasts, playing with light, lines and textures. Inspired by nature and architecture, he feeds his creations through his photographic journey through numerous trips, searching for a rhythm, and quiet balance.

The main feature of this open-plan reception is a library wall connected to a living room. Beautiful collection of books becomes an element of decor and reflects the taste of the home owners.


All the canvases have their original frames. Konstantin Gorbatov, a Russian post-impressionist painter