Vodniy Stadium
Vodniy Stadium

An Apartment within the building of a 1930s Stadium

In the middle of the twentieth century this stadium – built on the banks of a large reservoir in the north part of Moscow – was a very popular place for relaxation. Continuing this tradition, our clients asked as architects to make their unique and beautiful apartment a place for relaxation, where their family and two children could spend the end of the week – a little oasis of calm amid the great metropolis.
The address had previously been used as offices, so we completely remade the floorplan layout. We raised the ceilings, exposing the metal girders so that they featured within the interiors, and expanded the available space. When considering the layout, the architects tried to exploit all the possibilities the apartment offered. For example, the master bedroom is laid out so that on waking in the morning, the sun can be seen reflected in the water. There is a tower attached to this single-storey apartment, in which a two-storey children’s zone was planned – with a glass partition between the floors, so that natural light would penetrate to the lower of the two floors. This light and airy modern interior was conceived almost instantly. The magnificent views from the panorama windows quickly set the mood for the materials from which the interiors were created – wooden floors, and simple painted walls. The entire interior is set off with a combination of unusual objects, colours and textures.
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