Khamovniki Club House
Khamovniki Club House

Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau has created designer interiors for the public spaces in the new premium class residential development by the COLDLY company in Khamovniki. It is widely acknowledged that nothing reflects a building’s status better than its entrance hall. This one resembles a sophisticated lobby of a luxurious Parisian hotel.

The interior is completed in a modern style with elements of Art Deco and is designed to evoke timeless glamour. A sophisticated colour palette based on small details, noble finishing materials and numerous objets d’art help create an atmosphere of seductive luxury and privacy. A Hellenistic Beaux-Arts style is presented in decorative bas-relief while Greek-style columns add solemnity to the main entrance of the building.

Glossy natural stone floors with geometric patterns, the muted sparkle of metallic elements, architectural lighting, wall panels and patented mirrors full of history create a myriad of reflections and flashes. The poetic past and present of the area is reflected by the library in the lobby, containing first editions of Russian classics. Rounded outlines for the retro-style furniture and elegant metal ornaments around glass doors, reception desk and sculptures – and even the signage font and post boxes – were created especially for this project.

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