Country House in Malakhovka
Country House in Malakhovka

Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau designed a residential country house for a large family in the style of modern constructivism.
Cosy spaces for family get togethers alternate with unique and personal spaces. Every space is thoughtfully designed to every last detail and reflects the idea at the heart of the project that the bedrooms are not just different rooms but also reflect the personality, interests and tastes of each family member. Unusual dark metal finishes bring together seemingly unmatching décor elements and creates one ecosystem within this 3-story building.
It is important to note that this type of interior is unusual both for our bureau and in general. It is impossible to assign it to any one specific style as it contains everything from art deco to urban style. The house is filled with designer pieces created using Oleg Klodt’s drawings. We experimented with colours playing with the dark floor in combination with a yellow sofa and a bright painting on the ground floor and created an amazing bespoke chandelier which is the artistic centrepiece of this house.

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