Art collector’s apartment
Art collector’s apartment

An apartment in the historic centre of Moscow with views over a picturesque park. In this modern residential compound the designers created an atmospheric neoclassic interior with elements of Art Deco from the 20s and 30s. This project became very special for Oleg Klodt Architectural bureau as it was created around phenomenal collections of painting, vases and records of the client.

While planning out the space the main objective was to incorporate all the collection items into the overall ensemble, while creating the atmosphere of a house with a history. Painting framed in unusual framework stress the importance of the space where every element is an art object. In terms of fiction the apartment is divided into two zones: ‘private’, containing bedrooms and dressing rooms; and general, which houses the living and dining rooms, the library and the kitchen. From the hallway we step straight into the library which is integrated into the living room on one side. On the other side we find a separate alcove. In cases where books become part of the interior, a private library creates a homely atmosphere and reflects the client’s interests.

The most interesting challenge in this project was of the client’s hobbies – modern audio equipment. This challenge was to integrate rather large and futuristic equipment into the saturated interior. Light coloured shelves holding the vinyl record collection created a portal composition and architecturally created an alcove for the equipment for the centre piece – a rare reel-to-reel audio tape player brought back from Switzerland. Basically it became the centrepiece art object of the musical living room. Amazing light blue hand-painted wall coverings by Americandesigners from Calico helped add depth to the space and create a horizon to partly dissolve the equipment.

The chandelier above the dining table, from the O&A London Designer Collection, is a light installation rather than a light source. It is the quinta Essentia of the designers’ taste combining historical styles and modern technology. The technical construction of the Avior chandelier became the main element of design.

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