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20 // 20: Interview with Mikhail Loskutov

Oleg Klodt architecture & design bureau celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! With a growing number of international projects, and in order to create distinctive collections of furniture, lighting, textiles, wallpaper and rugs under its own unique brand, the company develops collaborative projects with amazing and talented people. We are fortunate to work with leaders in their field: people who do not see boundaries and make the impossible possible. We proudly name these creators, not just as partners but as co-designers and friends. We are now delighted to announce the anniversary project «20 // 20». The project will consist of a series of exclusive interviews.
Today we are happy to share with you an interview with Mikhail Loskutov – one of the best interior photographers in Russia. Mikhail expertly uncovers the uniqueness of our interiors in his works.
Q: Mikhail, what were you dreaming of as a child?
ML: As a child I was dreaming of the same thing all children do – playing with other kids and staying out for as long as possible! At that time I hadn’t thought about my professional future.
Q: How did you become a photographer?
ML: Life brought me to photography. My father’s camera came to me and because of that I started shooting when I started my university studies. At first these comprised portrait and reportage photos of friends and acquaintances. Then, with experience, my first commercial shoots comissioned.

Kitchen in a countryside house, design by O&A London, shooted by Mikhail Loskutov

Q: What inspires you?
ML: Recently I have been inspired by the beauty of nature and everything connected with it.  Natural materials, beautiful patterns, lights and color combinations.
Q: What would you shoot, if not interiors?
ML: It’s hard to say since I have already tried many directions.  Following my heart led to street photography, where you experience the city in a pure stream.  In this way one can capture truly unique moments.
Q: What is the most difficult thing for you in interior shootings?
ML: In interior photography there are many nuances and features. You become one hundred percent ready for them only with experience. The hardest thing for me is to work when I’m unprepared for shooting.
Q: Can it interfere with shooting if you don’t like the interior at all?
ML: It complicates the shoot , since it is much more difficult to achieve a decent look with such an interior. This process requires great moral and physical costs from the whole team.
Q: How do you prepare for a shoot?
ML: As a rule I look at a photograph of the apartment and discuss the shoot with the stylist and designer.  Thanks to this preparation there is an understanding between us of what we would like to achieve as a result.  A preliminary visit to the site is usually not required.
Q: Tell us about your collaboration with Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova.
ML: It’s always interesting to work with Oleg and Anna’s team.  We started our cooperation with a shoot of the O&A London wallpaper collection.  We then continued our friendship through interior photography of new bureau projects.  The last one appeared on the cover of Summer Architectural Digest (AD). It’s such an honor! I greatly respect Oleg as an architect and head of such a large and successful company. I also love to shoot portraits of Oleg and Anna!  After several shootings with Anna we have become true friends and communicate inside and outside  work.  It is a very enjoyable and valuable friendship.
Q: Is it important for you who is the designer of the interior that you are shooting?
ML: Of course the designer is very important since everyone has their own unique style. The end result can really depend on this.  The most important thing is to be on the same wavelength as the designer. I minimize my own touches in these photos. In general I try to shoot for designers of different styles, while also gradually forming my own.
Q: Describe the interior of your house.
ML: I have a minimalist interior in a 1928 constructivist house with large windows, high ceilings and a minimal set of items.  I really like apartments that are lively and with just a few objects that are dear to my heart.
Q: Whose interior do you dream to shoot?
ML: Kelly Wirstler is a renowned American designer and decorator, whose works are distinguished by a variety of styles.
Q: What are you dreaming about at the moment?
ML: The main thing I dream about is the transition of humanity to a new world.  A world without weapons, filled with love and respect for nature and the people around us.  Let’s hope for this!

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