We are delighted to announce that two our studio latest residential projects were shortlisted in a top 100 best Premium Living Residential projects. The Award is initiated and organised by ARCHIPROFI design community and the Council Of Experts of Interior Design and Architectural Environment!

Luxury private apartment in the heart of Moscow — Wine House Nomination Apartment, less than 150 sq. m. Oleg Klodt saidOur interiors are often jokingly called ‘50 shades of grey90% of the time I do not think this comparison is fair but in this particular project we really did immerse ourselves in the world of many shades of grey. Here the cool and the warm tones are diluted by various types of metal. And due to this intricate play, the colour of the space works beautifully”.  Anna Agapova added: The choice of marble for the general area was quite an atypical move. Usually the clients are unsure about using this material but in this case the client trusted us and decided to take a risk. The intertwining ornaments of the work surface and the marble floors, paired with the mirror wall creates the feeling of multiple layers which is supported by the pattern of the hand-crafted rug by Thibault Van Renne and two paintings by a British artist Helen Fryer, whose landscapes have a very special atmosphere and are full of movement”.


Countryside house — Pokrovskoe-Rubtsovo Nomination countryside house, more than 300 sq. m.

In this project, we were able to experiment with styles, details, and colours – combining everything from Art Deco to 60s modernism, with added touches of contemporary classic. The clients trusted us and were not afraid of trying new things; there are green walls, red wood, black doors, and even a red bathroom. We created a timeless interior that feels as though it has been around for a few generations, adding to the warm, family-orientated overtones of the project.   The house is full of bespoke items that were personally designed by Oleg and Anna, including a fireplace, doors, window frames – and even a changing table for the baby, with the clients trusting us to create this incredibly personal item. We also designed a grand cabinet for the living room, with the item adding to the ‘heritage’ feel of the project as it teases the possibility that it holds family secrets.  


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