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O&A London x Thibault Van Renne Showroom at Сhelsea Harbour

Thibault Van Renne, the company founder and creative director of the eponymous label, goes against the online sales trend and continues to open new physical stores. The new showroom is opened at the world’s premier destination for design and decoration excellence — Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

Established in 2006, the award-winning company offers a stunning range of expertly crafted rugs by skilled weavers from the Middle East. By launching his brand, Thibault Van Renne, himself a son of a rug dealer, revolutionised the market. His rugs are here to prove that computer technology and pure craft are indeed compatible. Thibault Van Renne as a designer, draws inspiration from interior design trends, as well as from the art and fashion scene. He believes that luxury rugs should be felt, touched, seen and appreciated in person so one can feel the quality, see the colours and appreciate the overall look. At the moment the collections are available in 14 countries, and the London rug studio will become the fifth showroom of the brand.

Due to its unique and sophisticated design, where classic patterns are revived in modern form with exceptional colour combinations, Thibault Van Renne’s handmade rugs of exceptionally high quality are truly a work of art. This inspired the TVR team to create the London showroom interior incorporating the aesthetics of an art gallery. The world-renowned design duo of architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova were invited to help implement this new concept as they are well known for their unique and experimental approach to the creation of space in scenarios where famous British conservatism paradoxically coexists in harmony with the boldest and unbridled architectural ambitions.

The new artistic space is the result of conceptual re-examining of the retail idea. The designers succeeded in creating a stylish interior which reflects and reinforces the principles of the TVR’s brand, telling the brand’s story and creating an immersive customer experience. The connoisseurs of haute design, Oleg and Anna complemented the space by the authors’ O&A London collection of furniture, in which they combined the cultural traditions of different countries and eras while using ultra-modern materials and utilising the latest technology, making sure the areas are all infused with one another and intertwined. Photo: Anders Gramer

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