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Homes & Interiors Scotland, the LUXE Edition

In the March – April issue of Homes & Interiors Scotland, the editorial team is exploring the latest trends in home library design.


We are proud to be featured with our countryside residential project designed for a genuine bibliophile – the collector of rare books. Our brief was to design the bookshelves and book coverings design while considering the context.



Anna Agapova, Creative Director O&A Design “It was the Roman scholar Marcus Tullius Cicero who said, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”.  Here at O&A Design, we tend to agree. A library says a lot about the owner. Just look that the books in one’s library and you will instantly know more about who they are”.

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Moreover,  the magazine highlighted our children’s room design project. The interior was designed for 9 years old girl. The design concept was inspired by the mystery story of Alice In Wonderland.


The central element of the room is the naturalistic and sculptural chandelier, Porto Romano. The light adds romanticism and an incredible lightness to space. The chandelier’s designer Tord Boontje tried to recreate the incredible shapes and shadows of sunlight shining through a tree canopy. To make this a reality, he designed sprawling lengths of ivy that twist their way through a flowing central frame. For the colour scheme, we picked out from different neutral shades of tiles, with painted walls and ceiling.  The main feature of this project is a wallpaper with singing parrots under the headboard. It was a choice of a little client. Speaking of this room’s brief, designer Anna Agapova explains: “In this project, we had the opportunity to create a smart space full of creative details. The design nourishes creativity and inspires to explore this world. At the same time, the room can be easily transformed when the girl will get older and change her interests.”

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