Modern Luxury Apartment...

Modern Luxury Apartment with Striking Bold Artworks and Home Library

The clients, true connoisseurs of modern art had a significant collection of artworks that they wanted us to incorporate to their second home – apartment in Moscow. In addition, we curated a distinctive home library. Tailor-made library collection reflects our clients’ interests and literary tastes. 


Painting on wall by Ludmila Konstantiova, the contemporary Russian artist, Syntax Gallery

Overall, the designers paid special attention to the general background in all spaces. The living area features handmade wallpaper from the Caledonia collection by O&A. The Low Tide design repeats the pattern of wave ripples on the ocean shore. The design emphasises the tranquil atmosphere in the lounge.


Painting by Svetlana Atahanova, Reloft Art Gallery


Sculpture by Saldavor Dali  

In the hall leading to the kids’ zone, we displayed the bright painting “Gaspar’s Holidays” by Henry Mashtoz. The artwork depicts the artist’s idea of how kids could perceive their first holidays.


The backdrop is Erica Wallpaper by O&A London


Wall art by Ludmila Konstantinova, Syntax Gallery


Paper Sculptures by Dmitry Bulnygin. The artworks are made from old Soviet Wallpaper, Syntax Gallery


For the backdrop we used our hand-made wallpaper, design Staffa, Caledonia wallpaper Collection by O&A London.

The space is characterised by dark colors, however, it is not gloomy. The dark veneer of the built-in bookshelves works in perfect harmony with the richly textured handmade wallpaper, Erica Night Song, which adds depth to the space.


We didn’t just design bespoke bookshelves for our clients, we actually created a space where they can create their own home library. In addition, we curated a distinctive home library. Despite the fact that this space is a designated work area, the parents spend a ‘reading hour’ with their two children in the study every evening. To highlight this connection with the young generation, our designers placed a bright painting there, reminiscent of the style of Pieter Bruegel.


Paintings by Alexander Trifonov, Reloft Art Gallery