Private office

Private office

Private office

The interior design for this office started with works of art – not just to decorate the space but to become a metaphor. All of the art objects in this project reflect the interests of the owners. Everything else is just background that we created whilst working around the artworks.


The office lobby is the first thing a visitor sees upon entry. The scale of this space allowed an architectural approach. The main point of focus is the unique mural by Rado Kirov. The mural reflects the surroundings and draws the spectator in. Kirov is an incredibly talented and interesting artist who uses the physical qualities of metal to create an amazing 3D surface. By choosing this mural we aimed to convey a feeling of the movement of love and of time.

In the waiting area all the attention is drawn to the motorcycle that appears to be gaining speed and heading into the wall. The motorcycle is the only object that existed before any work commenced. In spite of the fact that this object is quite large but fit the scale of the space and the perspective of the person within that space.

Male office

The owner’s office became a sort of quintessential for us in terms of the approach to the entire office interior. Here we fused maximum functionality with works of art. Holly Hunt’s chandelier resonates with a Pete Weigl mural that depicts the Earth and natural landscapes.

At the heart of this office is a sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn. It conveys the thirst for fundamental values and real emotions. Our clients do a lot of charity work and help children. The image of Lorenzo Quinn’s sculpture is very deep, spiritual and existential, making one think.

Office library is a very strong message to all employees that the organizational culture here encourages reading, values new knowledge and promotes continuous learning. The professional team from “Collection” salon creates corporate libraries for our projects. The collection of rare books finds its place on the bookshelves from Promemoria. We placed a duo sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn “Gravity Male” and “Gravity Female” created from bronze and marble. They symbolize a balance in life.

Female office

The feminine-themed space of this room echoes the general style of the main interior but is softer and more sophisticated. The colours and materials are warmer and lighter. The chairs from the O&A London with a decorative metal insert harmonize perfectly with the Apparatus chandelier. The painting by Helen Fryer is full of atmosphere and alive with movement.

The beautiful organic abstraction in 3D on the wall by Jeanne Opgenhaffen is compositionally and tonally balanced. The artist assembles hundreds of delicately and individually shaped pieces of colored porcelain into a whole.

Meeting room

The office only has one meeting room and it is quite compact. Here we also used works of art. The piece by Ian Abel, the founder of the Based Upon studio in London, depicts the surface of an oil-flooded lake. The artist, working with various glass oxidation techniques, wanted to demonstrate how easily humans can destroy nature.

Abstract painting by Stacie McCormick is meditative and powerfully calming.

The work by Portugal artist Rui Matos is a drawing gesture in space. He uses iron to create expressive shapes and forms to communicate emotions and feelings in a highly distinctive style.