Holiday home in...

Holiday home in Devon

We were commissioned to develop a design concept for a three-storey contemporary building beautifully positioned on a coastline in Devon highlighting the living room and dining area in particular. The clients trusted our judgement entirely and we chose the artworks and the decor for the project. We’d love to point out that most of the paintings owned by the clients were bought in the local galleries, mainly in the ancient fishing village of Beer, where an art lover can find some interesting shops and galleries.

Floor vases by Rina Menardi. Rina works the clay without ever feeling a ceramist. She creates the object that should not impose itself but, rather, suggest sensations, both visual and tactile able to evoke our deepest emotions. Painting above the sideboard by Mel Cormack-Hicks, Marine House at Beer | Steam Gallery. The artist creates contemporary paintings of the nature and landscapes, the woodlands and meadows that surround her studio, or the pebbled beaches of the rugged Devon coastline.

The clients were looking for a minimalist approach to the overall project – the Orion console by Liaigre, Float wall lights by Articolo Lighting and Trevose mirror by Porta Romana in the hall. Sculptures by Roger Hardy are emotional, tangible objects. The artist uses the effect of natural degradation in his materials. His sculptures inhabit space and time and would be a special and truly unforgettable gift for anyone.

Many artworks inspired by the ocean and nature complimented the interior. Glass art by Wayne Charmer and Samantha Donaldson from Vessel Gallery perfectly capture the fluid and amorphous forms normally found in nature and organic life forms.

The painting above love seat by Vanessa Gardiner, Thackery Gallery. As a landscape painter Vanessa is captivated both by the beauty of the places and by the processes involved during the making of the pictures. We decorated the dinning-room with the painting by Michael Sole, Marine House at Beer | Steam Gallery. Nature is the base the artist experiments from using a method he calls Involuntarylism.

The painting by Michael Sole adds energy to the private space of the home. We included bright colors with art in this room, focusing on nuances in colors and textures.

“Land and Sea”, a bespoke art installation by Celia Smith is the highlight in the garden room. The artist uses wires and other materials to create her drawings. Celia’s main subject are birds and she regularly goes on trips to nature reserves and remote islands in order to find inspiration. Her wall piece is made of birch twigs, wire and 17 enameled birds.