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Art Concept for the Residential Complex MIR House

MIR clubhouse is the world of beauty connoisseurs located in the center of St. Petersburg. It contains original, artistic architecture with vibrant characteristics. Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design studio has been commissioned in the design of common areas within a single design code and develop a design concept in the Neo-Russian style.

Stage One: Idea development

Following on the latest trends and marketing positioning our studio Art Department developed two art decoration concepts for a lobby of MIR Residential Development.

The starting point for the first concept was the heritage of Russian seasons by Sergei Diaghilev. These seasons were completely devoted to ballet and helped Diaghilev to define and introduce his own concept of a new kind of ballet. Working with fabulous Russian artists and composers, Diaghilev created in the West a popular image of Russian art and music. Our art managers proposed to decorate the lobby with old posters, photographs of ballet dancers, and sketches of original costumes and scenery in the design.

Stage Two: Further Idea development

The starting second concept was the heritage of artists who belonged to the association World of Art and created art objects in the so-called neo-Russian style.

The starting point for this concept became the work of the Russian painter V. Vasnetsov, one of the key representatives of the Russian cultural renaissance at the beginning of the 20th century. It was his mythological plots and a new artistic language that inspired us.

“We have complemented the light and airy space with new forms and bright colours highlighting the unique character of the MIR club house. These art pieces allow us to connect the past and the present. Carefully selected objects are key accents in interior, they are the soul and character of the space.”

— Anna Agapova

We decorated lobbies with paintings of contemporary Russian artist Andrey Remnev whose work recalls medieval icons and 15th–18th-century Russian art at first glance. Borrowing from traditional Russian painting in style, colour palette, and technique, Remnev’s decorative portraits and scenes of Russian provincial life teem with symbolic details; their repetitive motifs and surrealistic tropes produce a hypnotic effect on their viewer. Remnev’s figures, frequently women, stand in the foregrounds of his paintings such that they appear monumental in comparison to the landscapes behind them, a pictorial device famously used by Leonardo da Vinci to portray his sitter’s primacy over the surroundings. He binds his natural pigments with egg yolk, emulating the tempera technique employed by Renaissance masters.

We decorated the space with stunning wooden sculptures by Russian Artists Zlata Kornilova, who created her pieces giving “another life of an old tree”.

In the main lobby, we displayed the bespoke ceramic vase by Russian artist Svetlana Lavadnaya, who reconciles the Russian style with European trends and creates unique design pieces.