Synthesis: New Furniture Collection From Architect Oleg Klodt and Designer Anna Agapova (O&A LONDON)

This Autumn Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova present their second furniture collection Synthesys.

The new collection was created in partnership with The Odd Chair Company, an English company which has been offering its customers furniture of unique style and quality for over 40 years, created by skilled craftsmen in their own workshops in the North-West of England.

During the creation of the new collection the designers were led by an idea to manufacture a product line which falls within a more democratic price bracket while at the same time being more universal in terms of style.

This aim dictated the method. The new collection is very close to constructionism in style and the main principles are mobility, functionality and succinctness. At the same time every product reflects the unique signature of its designers – elegant lines and immaculate detail.

All of the items are characterised by artful playing with shapes and volume, where laconic geometry is compensated by sophisticated decorative accents. Vibrancy and synthesis are the main principles of this collection which also inspired its name.

One of the advantages of the Synthesys collection is the possibility of wide customisation. The client gets the opportunity to be a co-author changing the colour, size and materials to taste and create objects that reflect their own individuality.

Oleg Klodt: “Our new line turned out to be rather sculptural. The main idea was to create something close to constructivism, but more universal”.

Anna Agapova: “Metal was practically removed from our new collection as combined with wood and velour it created associations with luxurious art deco and we were aiming to create a product which is more democratic in spirit and appearance”.

To view the collection visit http://oa-london.com