Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design at MosBuild International Exhibition 2 - 5 April, 2019, Moscow

Happy to be a part of Perfect Home — a collaborative project of Elle Decoration and MosBuild. The 400 sqm house will be built onsite at MosBuild 2019 from real materials presented at the exhibition by exhibiting companies.

Leading the design of the Perfect Home project is architect Boris Uborevich-Borovsky, while the interior will be the work of 11 leading Russian interior designers including our studio, that led by its creative director Anna Agapova, designed an interior for a bedroom of a teenager who is allegedly really interested in aircraft engineering.

The designers were guided by the idea that for a teenager, the bedroom is a “refuge” of sorts, a personal space where they can have some privacy. This is why special attention was paid to the overall appearance of the room. Complex textures and the deep dark blue colour of the wall coverings hand made by O&A on the one hand convey the feel of adolescent moodiness and on the other hand, of adolescent day dreaming. Dreaming of the skies is represented by the ribbon fabric ceiling finish. The protruding metal lens on the wall is very symbolic as it resembles an aircraft window and represents a window into the big world of adulthood full of new discoveries.

The designers have not forgotten about the fact that adolescence is a time of anxiety, emotional rollercoasters, first disappointments and of course, first love. A rose covered by a glass dome places an emphasis on the interior and transports us into the story of “Le petit prince” by Antoine De Saint- Exupery. The book is the story of a pilot who had dreamed of becoming a painter but gave up on his dream under the influence of “grown up” surroundings. Having crash-landed in a desert he encounters a small boy, the little prince from a far-away planet, who tells the pilot about his travels around the universe and his rose.

“’All grown-ups were once children’ and our room reflects the concept of growing up, first love, friendships, sense of duty, being true to ones dreams and purity of thought. We tried to create a space that is aesthetically delicate like a teenager’s fragile soul itself, which is much closer to the true understanding of beauty and love than we might think. It gave us great pleasure discussing what an ideal room for a teenager should look like in an ideal house.” – Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt.

Visit our studio stand at MosBuild, 2 - 5 April, Moscow.

About the project https://www.mosbuild.com/Articles/top-designers-to-create-the-perfect-home- at-m