O&A London and TVR stand at Salone Internazionale del Mobile Pavilion 1: X-LUX

Luxury rug label, Thibault Van Renne (TVR) and O&A London, multinational brand for furniture, lighting, textile and wallpaper lines will be presenting a collaborative stand at the 58th Annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile, one of the world’s largest furniture fairs, that will be held in Milano, Italia from 9 to 14 April 2019.

This exclusive and conceptual fair stand was developed by the renowned duo of architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova. The designers who are well known for their unique and experimental approach to the creation of conceptual projects by re-examining of the retail idea, created the stand in the style of an art gallery.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to view the TVR rug collection as genuine pieces of art. The stand resembles a long asymmetrical arcade gallery with chambers. Going through the gallery one can enjoy the rugs displayed on both sides of the wall similar to the way paintings are in a museum. Each room has its own tone and style and represents deferent themes of the rugs.

At the end of the pathway is the centre masterpiece – a hand crafted rug with an exceptional ornament. This is the place of contemplation. The highlight of this space is an elegant curtain made of delicate silk flowers — created by an English studio that has been producing the most delicate silk flowers by hand for over 25 years.

The London connoisseurs of haute design, Oleg and Anna complemented the space using their own O&A London collection of furniture and light fittings, in which they combined cultural traditions of different countries and eras while using ultra-modern materials and utilising the latest technology, making sure the areas are all infused with one another and intertwined.

The luxurious O&A London lighting collection creates a unique atmosphere and makes carefully selected rug artwork to stand out while the furniture pieces demonstrate how collectable items can unite the space and play the role of the first violin in the interior, making it unique and timeless.

The fair stand reflects and reinforces the principles of the TVR’s and O&A London brands and creates an immersive customer experience.

Thibault Van Renne and designers Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova will be delighted to share more of their vision on the 9th April at the Cocktail party which will take place during the exhibiting.

April 9th,

11 am –3 pm

Pavilion 1: X-LUX

RSVP by 7th April: RSVP@oa-london.com

About O&A London

O&A London, led by award winning design team Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova create innovative and pioneering furniture, lighting and textile collections. After 18 years of designing private and commercial architectural projects, it was only natural for the pair to consolidate their bespoke furniture production experience under their own unique brand -  O&A London. Oleg brings a sharp architectural eye to the duo, whilst Anna adds an aesthetic influence informed by her design sensibility.

By taking inspiration from key design movements and iconic moments in history, such as Bauhaus and the Art-Deco, O&A London have created something classically rooted for the contemporary interior. O&A London also employs the very latest technology, allowing the designers to blend luxury, simplicity of form and complexity of technique to deliver pieces of impact.  O&A London’s fervent approach to interiors will transform the current design landscape, with the pieces they create becoming timeless works of art.


About Thibault Van Renne

Thibault Van Renne (TVR) delivers haute couture style in luxurious, custom-made rugs and carpets that embody timeless elegance. With an unwavering commitment to innovative artistry, TVR’s woven masterpieces are made from the world’s finest wool and silk manufactured by Rajasthan’s and Nepal’s most experienced traditional weavers. From the homes of European royalty to penthouses of the Far Orient, our top-quality rugs and carpets add exquisite beauty and infinite sophistication to some of the world’s most elite interiors. TVR currently has showrooms in Belgium, Moscow, Lithuania (Vilnius) and London. Our exclusive luxury rugs will soon grace the show flat of the One Thousand Museum building, currently being constructed in Miami, Florida, USA, and famously designed by Pritzker Prize- winning architect Zaha Hadid.